Do you love Faithlife’s Verse of the Day graphic? Me too.

Below is an If This Than That (IFTTT) recipe I created to automatically download each day’s graphic to my OneDrive. By following the link below you can use the same recipe to start automatically collecting each day’s graphic.


IFTTT Recipe: Faithlife's Verse of the Day Graphic to OneDrive connects feed to onedrive


What is IFTTT you ask? IFTTT is probably the coolest and most useful free tool on the Internet. IFTTT allows anyone to create simple, but very powerful “recipes” to automatically perform almost any task.

Here are a few example recipes:
Set NASA’s Image of the Day as your computer’s wallpaper. Link.
Change the color of your lights when the International Space Station passes overhead. Link.
Log the amount of time you spend in a specific location. Link.