Kings of Israel Chart

When studying many portions of the Old Testament it is helpful to have a timeline of the Kings of Israel. While countless charts of the Kings of Israel exist, most are decidedly unremarkable line drawn diagrams. Such charts are functional as they convey the necessary information. However, it would be a real stretch to call them a work of art.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a timeline of the Kings of Israel that depicted the facts in a truly beautiful way? So attractive that you might actually consider framing the chart and prominently displaying it?

Recently I ran across Josh Byer’s Kings of Israel, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly chart.

The high quality, poster size chart beautifully depicts the united & divided kingdoms, sequence of the kings, and the dates each ruled. The chart also graphically indicates which kings were good (large crown), bad (small crown), or ugly (something that a court jester would wear on his head).

If you are interested in having a helpful reference tool of the Kings of Israel that you could also display as a work of art in your study then you should follow the link below and check it out.


Link: Visual Theology, Posters, & Infographics – Josh Byers