It’s often difficult for local churches and ministries to get high quality images to use on social media sites. We don’t recommend you ripping off other people’s work and stock images can be very expensive.

When it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other popular social media tools one thing stands out.  The more creative you can be with your images the more people will stop and take notice.  It used to be that image editing software was expensive and while that is still true in some cases (such as Photoshop) there are some great alternatives out there that are affordable.

I recently stumbled upon a great tool for creating social media images called Canva (  Canva allows you to quickly create images for specific social media platforms without any editing experience.  Just pick the application (such as Facebook cover photo), choose the layout and start editing.

The basic account is free and as long as you don’t need specialized images you can create and download an image for no cost. If you do need to use a high quality image they only charge $1 per image to use them. That’s a pretty good price.

App Sizes

What’s nice about is that they have dozens of pre-set image sizes for all different applications. For example if you are wanting to create a Facebook cover photo you simple select that template and it will automatically give you an image that fits the Facebook cover photo size.  The same is true for dozens of other image uses.

Pay only as you need

Since elements in are only $1 it’s very inexpensive to build stunning images. They have hundreds of photos, text layouts and vector images for you to choose from. Give it a shot and let your creative imagination soar.