Two years ago I first wrote about the alternative search engine DuckDuckGo in my post titled: David and Goliath of the Internet.

Since then DuckDuckGo has experienced significant growth. Growing from 1.5 million average daily ‘direct’ searches to 5 million today. (Source)

The reason for this growth centers on DuckDuckGo’s dedication to user privacy. Every search is encrypted, user information is not stored, nor are user’s searches retained.

Despite this, DuckDuckGo has remained largely under the radar.

This may change. Apple recently announced DuckDuckGo will be supported in their next release of OS X this fall. DuckDuckGo will be listed, along with Bing & Yahoo, as an alternative to the default search engine Google. (Source)

Why would a Christian be interested in using a search engine dedicated privacy? If a believer’s online activities are in line with Biblical teaching, why would a Christian desire to be anonymous?

Good question. I would suggest there are several reasons:

  • Personal privacy – as a matter of principle one’s personal activities should not be recorded and then sold to the highest bidder.
  • Persecution – in many areas of the world Christians (local believers and missionaries) are living under the very real threat of persecution. A believer’s online activities viewed by oppressive governments or activist hackers, could put them at risk.
  • Future concerns – even in areas where believers are not at risk today, believers should still exercise caution as conditions may change. What is presently protected as freedom of religion may not be someday. If one’s online activity is stored indefinitely it may be used against them in the future.