Friday morning doorbells from coast to coast will begin to ring– those doorbells will be heralding the arrival of Apple’s newest product. So far several intriguing uses for the device have been announced: PowerPoint remote control, iPhone camera remote control, fitness tracking, health monitor, and even tell you what time it is.

There are also a number of apps that will be of specific interest to believers. Below is a listing of some of those apps. Disclaimer: Because the Watch has not been release yet, I have not actually used any of the apps. So the following list is not an endorsement of anything– the list is solely presented as a matter of interest.


1. YouVersion the Bible App

Bible Apple WatchBible Apple Watch 2
Bible Apple Watch 3Bible Apple Watch 4

Link: YouVersion the Bible App for the Apple Watch


2. Bible+ by Olive Tree

Link: Bible+ by Olive Tree App for the Apple Watch


3. Stop and Pray

Stop and Pray Apple Watch App

Link: Stop and Pray Apple Watch app


4. Pray-Verse: 5 second bible quotes

Pray Verse 5 Second bible Quotes Apple Watch App

Link: Pray-Verse: 5 second bible quotes


More to Come!

This is only a handful of apps that I have come across. I’m sure there are plenty of other apps Christians would be interested in and plenty more to come. Stay tuned to the Why We Web blog as we feature more Apple Watch apps in the future.

Are you aware of any apps for believers? Please share them with us in the comment section below.