Logos 6 introduced many new features that has greatly improved the power of their leading Bible study platform. I recently wrote about this in my post: Logos Bible Software Version 6 Released – A Ginormous Leap Forward.

Of all the new features, the best one is “Send to Kindle.” This feature allows you to “send” (think upload) Logos ebooks to a Kindle device.

Logos users have long been able to read their Logos ebooks on Android and iOS mobile devices. Unfortunately most of these devices have bright backlit screens. Such screens are not optimal for long periods of sustained reading.

Kindle ereaders are specifically designed for reading. Using E ink technology Kindles do not strain a reader’s eyes anymore than a traditional print book.

I recently used this feature to upload H A Ironside’s Notes on the Prophecy and Lamentations of Jeremiah to my Kindle Paperwhite. The process worked flawlessly.

To use this feature you must first link your Logos and Amazon accounts. Follow Logo’s step by step instructions I was able to do this in just a few minutes.

After successfully setting up the feature most* Logos resources can be sent to your Kindle in 3 steps: 1. open the resources in Logos, 2. goto the resources’ information page by clicking the information icon (an i with a circle around it), 3. scroll down to the “Download to” section and click “Send to Kindle.” That’s it! After a couple of minutes the ebook will be added to your Kindle device.


*Note: there is a 50meg file size limit. Some larger resources can not be supported.


photo credit: yto/flickr