What’s in the Bible is a very favorite with our family. Created by Phil Vischer, of Veggie Tale’s fame, it is a series for children that explores what is in the Bible. Comical puppets, stories and clever songs work together to give children an overview of the Bible. Our family has thoroughly enjoyed the series and have been impressed at the depth of teaching that is in each episode. We have also used it a little bit for the grade 5 and under crowd at church. It’s been a huge hit with them!

Last year What’s in the Bible completed the Old Testament, spread out over 9 volumes. A couple of weeks ago they introduced the first What’s in the Bible episode to cover the New Testament; Volume 10 Jesus is the Good News! It’s a fast pace through the Gospels, focusing on the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ. They plan on working through the New Testament over the next year.

Why We Web is excited to be giving away one digital copy* of What’s in the Bible’s newest release, Jesus is the Good News! to one of our readers. To be entered in this giveaway please leave a comment on this post – let us know what Christian movies you enjoy, or what you ate for breakfast. And make sure there is a way for us to contact you in case you are our winner!

*a website and a unique code will be emailed to the winner, who will then be able to download the full length episode onto their computer to enjoy over and over again. Contest will be open through the weekend and the winner will be contacted on Monday, March 11th.


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