With the world today, it is almost impossible to go without seeing a movie. For some people movies are great for a date night or for some entertainment. Some people even pride themselves on being movie buffs and critics. There are great movies, from action, to comedy, to drama, and even romance, with everything in between. Then there are not so great movies, whether that means inappropriate content, or a poorly made movie. When wanting to watch movies most Christians nowadays turn to a movie review site to check first of all if the content is appropriate for them, and secondly the ratings it received, seeing if it is actually worth watching. One of these sites being PluggedIn.

PluggedIn is spearheaded by the ministry Focus on the Family. While this site reviews almost everything including: movies, music, games, tv, and just normal videos, it’s main purpose is for movie review. The reviewer will watch a movie and then write a report about the positive elements, spiritual elements, sexual content, violent content, crude or profane language (including the use of the Lord’s name in vain), drug and alcohol content, and any other negative elements. They will then write a conclusion based on their opinion of the content. With being a “Christian” resource there are obviously some predetermined opinions and the conclusion is usually effected greatly by the reviewer’s opinion and whether or not they deem it viewable based on their personal beliefs. They sum up the review with a color coded chart at the top, showing the “content caution” for kids, teens, and adults separately.

WWW Opinion

PluggedIn is a great resource if you want a quick synopsis of what is in a movie, content wise. It normally has very little content about the quality of a movie, nor does it have any critic responses. Also please note that not all Christians have the same view about what is allowable to watch and what isn’t. Your personal beliefs about the subject may not line up with the reviewer’s beliefs, and therefore you might deem the movie ok to watch when the reviewer warned you to stay away from it or vice versa. I would suggest you take a look at the content section, (they normally state what is in the movie point blank, so I would not suggest letting your children read these reviews) skipping the conclusion, and form your own opinion on whether you and/or your children will watch it. In the end it is up to the viewer to decide what they will allow themselves or their family to watch. PluggedIn can provide you with the content, please come up with your own conclusion.