The Bible Exchange is a new website dedicated to the traditional, print Bible.

While eBibles are quickly growing in popularity, it is highly unlikely eBibles will completely replace print Bibles. I would venture to guess virtually all readers of this blog still own and regularly use print Bibles.

The Bible Exchange (TBE) offers valuable resources and services. New Bibles are reviewed in depth– many of the reviews include a video walking you through the unique aspects of each tome. Link.

New Bibles are available for purchase. And, there is even an eBay like auction where you can bid on used Bibles, or sell your old Bibles link.

If you are not interested in selling your unneeded Bibles another area of the website is dedicated to trading Bibles. Have an old wide margin KJV you’re no longer using? You may be able to trade it for something you are more interested in. link.

A surprisingly helpful feature of the TBE is the glossary. Not sure what a semi-yapp, raised hub, India paper, goatskin, leather lined OOP Bible is? No problem! The glossary has you covered. You’ll be fully conversant with even the most hardcore of bibliophiles!

Overall, the Bible Exchange is a helpful website you should bookmark. Even if you are not interested in buying, selling, or trading Bibles there is much to discover on the site.



photo credit: Sharolyn Newington