Android vs Apple Parental ControlsOne of the most common misconceptions regarding mobile technology is that iOS (think iPhone, iPad, and iPod) provides a safer environment than Android based phones and tablets.

While it may seem like a paradox, the open nature of Android (vs. the tightly controlled Apple environment) actually works in favor of parents who desire to lock down their mobile devices.

Apple’s mobile software offers several parental control features that are helpful. However, because Apple tightly controls their operating system third party developers are extremely limited when it comes to developing apps that would afford parents even greater control over their iDevices.

Android, however, allows third party developers much greater access into the internal workings of the operating system. Because of this, there are a number of excellent Android apps on the market that allow parents to lock down their Android phones in ways that iPhone users can only dream of.

Here are 4 Android apps to consider:

  • King Kong Lock lock down apps, files, and features of your choice.
  • NQ Family Garden numerous features including the ability to control when and even where the phone is being used. An online parental portal allows you to track where the phone is and what the phone is being used for.
  • Kids Place – Parental Control offers the ability to lock down apps, block the ability to install new apps, and limit the amount of time the device is used. Also offers a custom app launcher so the home screen will only display the apps that children are allowed to use.
  • WAY GPS Phone Tracking tracks the location of your phone in real time through an online portal. The app runs ‘silently’ in the background without displaying an icon.


NOT Just For Kids


It should be noted that filtering and other safety measures are NOT just for kids. Adults need similar protection– there is NOTHING to be ashamed of if you voluntarily install ‘parental’ controls on your own device to help you deal with temptation or accidental exposure to inappropriate content. Your spouse or friend can set and remember the password!

I personally use x3Watch Accountability on my Android phone. After all, accountability is not for sissies! It’s time to man up by taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves and our families.