Back in January Why We Web reviewed the The Bible App For Kids. At the time it was a new app from (who also make the YouVersion Bible app). In the review (available here) we expressed our high opinion of the app and felt it was destined to become very popular with parents and their children.

Since then the app has found its way onto millions of mobile devices across the English speaking world. The app has also received thousands of positive reviews in Apple’s, Android’s, and Kindle’s app stores.

The developers continue to regularly update the app by adding new Bible stories and features. In January the app offered 7 Bible stories. In the Beginning, The First Sin, The First Christmas Gift, Through the Roof, It is Finished!, A Happy Sunday, and A Forever Promise.

The Bible App For Kids Spanish

Since then 9 more stories have been added: Two by Two, God’s Amazing Promise, Abraham’s Big Test, The Dreamer, Dreams Come True, The King and the Kingdom, The Big Picnic, God’s Wonderful Gift, and God’s Good News.

My daughter continues to regularly use and enjoy the app… especially when a new story becomes available.

Today The Bible App For Kids announced they will soon be releasing a new version of the app: La Biblia App para Niños! Which is a Spanish language version of the app.

This is a very welcome addition!

WWW Opinion:

The Bible App for Kids is STILL a winner. If you have young children in your life we recommend installing the app on your mobile device and sharing it them. They will love it, but even better they will be learning about God’s Word.


English Links: iOS, Android, Kindle, Web

Spanish Link: La Biblia App para Niños