BIBLIOTHECA -- Kicktraq Mini


On Monday I wrote about The Bibliotheca Kickstarter project (here: Another Minimalist Bible – This One For Your Inner Bibliophile). As the post explains the project is an attempt to rethink every aspect of how the Biblical text is physically presented to the reader. Adam Lewis Greene explains his vision:

Today, our contemporary bibles are ubiquitously dense, numerical and encyclopedic in format; very different from how we experience other classic & foundational literature, and completely foreign to how the original authors conceived of their work. By separating the text into several volumes, and by applying classic & elegant typography, Bibliotheca is meant to provide a fresh alternative to the reader who wants to enjoy the biblical library anew, as great literary art.

Earlier today funding for the project blew through the million dollar barrier and continues to climb. Personally I find this very exciting.

The project has gone viral; generating accolades from some of the biggesting names in media: The Verge, The Independent, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The Blaze, and World Magazine. — How cool is that?

I encourage you to learn more on Bibliotheca’s Kickstarter page. Your opportunity to obtain a set will end Sunday afternoon.