Two years ago I posted a listing of what I considered to be the best iPad apps for Christians. Well, a lot has changed since then so it is time to update the list.

While looking over the list please keep a few things in mind: 1. Note carefully the title of this post, this is a list of apps FOR Christians not a listing of ‘Christian apps’ or even apps made by Christians. 2. Be a good Berean– verify directly from scripture each app’s content. 3. This list is entirely my opinion– I would love to hear what your favorite apps are in the comments.

So without any further ado here is my listing of the top 10 2014 iPad apps for Christians:

1. YouVersion The Bible App

The Bible App by is probably the best known and most used digital Bible of all time. YouVersion is a solid Bible app that offers all of the features that most Christian need. Some of the most used features are: multiple languages and translations, Bible reading plans, audio Bibles to listen to the Bible, basic search features, offline access, text highlighting, note taking, and easy social sharing. Price: Free. iTunes link

2. Bible+

Bible+ by Olive Tree is another excellent Bible app. This app offers many of the same features as YouVersion, however with Bible+ you can also purchase additional books. The additional books are fully integrated with the Bible text so you can quickly jump from a reference in a book to the scripture passage. You can also read books ‘in sync’ with the Bible in split screen mode. Price: Free & in app purchases iTunes link

3. Bible Screen

by Logos Bible Software is a great way to bring beautiful scripture art to your iPad screen. For more on this app see Why We Web’s recent review here. Price: Free. iTunes link

4. Bible for Kids

Bible for Kids by is, perhaps, the best Christian app for children. The app present many of the Bible’s greatest stories in a fun and interactive way that fully engages children. For details see Why We Web’s recent review of Bible for Kids here. Price: Free. iTunes link

5. Gospel Message

The Gospel Message by Awana is a great tool for presenting the gospel to Children and adults. Price: Free. iTunes link

6. Plugged In

Plugged In by Focus on the Family is an extremely helpful resource for navigating today’s media. Plugged In reviews, from a Christian perspective, movies, TV, video games, and music. For a more detailed look at this free service see Why We Web’s recent review here. Price: Free. iTunes link

7. Kindle

by AMZN Mobile LLC is the #1 platform for digital ebooks. A huge library of Christian books are available for the Kindle, and continues to grow daily. While many contemporary books are available for purchase, there is also a large collection of free classic titles available. With the Kindle app you can take your entire library with you. Price: Free & in app purchases. iTunes Link

8. Odyssey Adventure Club

Odyssey Adventure Club by Focus on the Family is a must have app if you have children. Adventures in Odyssey is a children’s radio drama loved by both children and adults alike. With this app you can stream all 700+ episodes! You can also download up to 5 episodes for offline use. Perfect for long car trips. The app also has Adventures in Odyssey bonus material not available elsewhere. Price: Free. iTunes Link

9. Baptist Hymnal Free

Over the centuries the English speaking church has produced a treasure trove of hymns that have become classics of the faith. The Baptist Hymnal by LifeWay Christian Resources makes many of these hymns (both words and sheet music) available wherever you take your iPad. Some 200 hymns come with the free apps with hundreds more available for purchase. Price: Free & in app purchases. iTunes Link

10. The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition is a ‘fellowship’ of evangelical Christian leaders dedicated to the Gospel and the Holy Scriptures. The app makes available a significant amount of content in written and video format. While the subject matter varies much of the content is aimed at helping today’s believers to live godly lives fully committed to the Great Commission. Price: Free. iTunes Link

Bonus: Pandora

Do you enjoy listening to Christian music? With Pandora by Pandora Media, Inc. you can custom create your own Christian stations to play the type of music you enjoy. Pandora offers almost everything from hymns to the most recent contemporary songs. Price: Free. iTunes Link

Please share your favorite iOS apps for Christians in the comments section.

Picture credit: flickr/ivyfield