Often I find it difficult to read the Bible because of all the constant distractions. No, I’m not referring to the usual culprits like video games, Facebook, sporting events, etc.

Rather, I’m actually referring to the book itself. Modern day, print Bibles are cluttered with many distractions: chapter and verse divisions, footnotes, cross-references, multicolor text, study notes, etc. While all of these ‘features’ were intended to help the reader, the reality is that the totality of such ‘helps’ often prevents one from reading long passages uninterrupted.

With most modern Bibles it is often difficult to read even one complete sentence without pausing to look at a footnote, flip to a cross reference, or read a commentator’s study note. [insert ADD joke here] All humor aside, such distractions can be a major problem as it can be very difficult to glean the context and general flow of the narrative.

Enter the ESV Reader’s Bible. The ‘readers Bible’ foregoes virtually all of these distractions (which were never apart of the original manuscripts). The result is a book with uncluttered pages that look more like a novel than a modern Bible.

The book itself is the right size and weight– not too big, not too small: 5.25″ by 7.75″, approximately 1.25″ thick and weighs in at just over 36 oz.

The 9 point text is presented paragraph style in a single column. Individual pages are thin. Unfortunately, there is some bleed through of text; it’s not enough to be a distraction to me, however it might be an issue for some.

If you would like a Bible that dispenses with the added distractions, I suggest you take a look at the ESV Reader’s Bible.

This video from the publisher gives a nice overview…


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