For many church leaders the idea of using social media is overwhelming.

Virtually all church leaders know that we are living in the age of the Internet and intuitively realize that social media brings with it great potential for furthering the cause of Christ. Unfortunately many of those leaders have not incorporated a coherent and consistent social media effort into the ministry of their local church.


There are probably many reasons, however I suspect that one of the major reasons some leaders fail to embrace social media is the fear of the unknown. After all, social media is huge! Someone who is not active in the social media world can be easily overwhelmed by its size and complexity. Where does one even start?

Social media is massive by any standard. In fact, it has grown so large it is difficult to overstate how big it is. 1.11 billion (yes, billion with a ‘b’) active Facebook users, over 200 million active Twitter users— and that is only 2 of hundreds of social medias sites. (source).

The good news is social media does not have to be so intimidating if you approach it wisely. So, here are a few simple step to help you get started— remember my goal in providing with these steps is to introduce you to social media so you can eventually develop and execute a social media strategy for your church or ministry.

    • Baby Step 1 – Open a personal Facebook account. Facebook is the obvious starting point as it dominates the entire Internet— not just social media. By starting with a personal account you can easily connect with your friends, learn your way around the social networking service, and begin to experience both the joys and frustrations that go along with it.


    • Baby Step 2 – Ask a friend for help. There is no shame in asking for help. You probably have numerous friends, family, or fellow church members who are already seasoned Facebook users. Invite one or two over and let them show you around the site, and provide you with some tips and helpful insights. While you’re at it order some pizza or wings and enjoy the fellowship.


    • Baby Step 3 – Use Facebook daily. If you are serious about learning any skill practice is the key. You will never learn Facebook if you only log on once or twice. So if really want to use social media to strengthen your church fellowship or further your ministry’s outreach you will need to dedicate 15 or 20 minutes a day to actually experience social media. Why not start today?


    • Baby Step 4 – Continue to follow Why We Web for more helpful information and guidance. That is the very reason Why We Web exists! Our aim is to provide you with the information you need to lead a victorious Christian life online and to further His kingdom.


Next Wednesday, Lord willing, I will post another article to help you use social media effectively for God’s glory! However this week while you are finding your way around Facebook don’t forget to Like Why We Web’s Page!


Photo credit: Richard Wong