Description: YouTube is a video-sharing site created in 2005 that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. Content is user-generated and includes movie clips, TV clips, music videos, and amateur content such as video blogs, original short films, and home videos. Users can rate and comment on the videos that they view. YouTube has had an incredible social impact because every kind of video is available for the user to watch. Videos that gain immense popularity are known as ‘viral videos’. This is known as ‘going viral’. Google bought YouTube in 2006, and YouTube now operates as a subsidiary of Google Inc.

WWW Opinion: The seemingly unlimited amount of video content on YouTube makes it a fascinating site. YouTube is useful for viewing sports and news clips, watching scenes from your favorite movies, and seeing humorous videos made by other users. That being said, YouTube is a site that should be used with particular caution. Because of its vast amount of available content, there are many videos on YouTube that are very inappropriate. Although YouTube does it’s best to remove content it deems inappropriate, there are still many videos that remain on the site unnoticed. Another danger of YouTube is that just like all social media sites, it can be very distracting, and a great amount of time can be wasted using it. YouTube is a site that can be very beneficial and interesting, but users should be aware of its negative potential.