I recently noticed I have been increasingly using Twitter as my “go to” social media site. Correspondingly I have been spending less and less time with Facebook.

Many years ago I tried using Twitter, but I never really “got it.” After awhile I gave up and simply stopped. As my Twitter account sat dormant, my Facebook account started to get a real work out. Hardly a day would go by without a status update and a significant amount of time spent reading through my newsfeed.

That has all changed now. I now briefly look at Facebook a couple of times a week, and update my status even less frequently.

Why? I think I have grown tired of Facebook because of how narcissistic it is. Endless photos of how great and wonderful everyone’s life is, incessant status updates about the most mundane aspects of life, and of course the occasional post with TMI (too much information).

Now I find myself checking my Twitter feeds throughout the day.

What is it that I like about Twitter in contrast to Facebook?

  • My Twitter feed is considerably more relevant to me.
  • With Twitter it’s much easier and quicker to follow or unfollow someone.
  • On Twitter there is no stigma attached to unfollowing someone.
  • Twitter’s hashtags makes following topics of interest simple.
  • Twitter’s 140 character limit forces brevity.
  • Twitter’s speed allows me to easily follow quickly developing current events.

What about you? Have your social media preferences changed recently? Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Please let me know in the comments section below, I’m curiously to see if others have also experienced a similar change of preference.