“Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season.” 2 Timothy 4:2a NKJV



iPad Preaching Tips


  • Before Preaching:
    • Thoroughly review your notes on your iPad with the app(s) you will be using during your sermon.
    • Test all audio/video apps and equipment that will be used.
    • Fully charge your iPad.
    • If you do not need sound for your presentation mute your iPad – Use the volume rocker or go to Settings > Sounds to adjust your settings.
    • Disable Wi-Fi if it will not be needed during the message – Settings > Wi-Fi > OFF
    • Disable cellular service if it will not be needed during the message – Settings > Cellular Data > OFF
    • Close ALL running apps – to do this go to the multitasking bar by swiping upwards with four fingers or quickly double tap the home button. From there long tap an app in the multitasking bar until all of the icons begin to shake. Finally close each app by tapping each icon’s upper-left-corner red circle.
    • Open all of the apps you be using in the reverse order that you will use them during your talk.
    • Concerned about a slippery podium? No problem. Cut a 6×8 inch piece of kitchen drawer liner to place your iPad on.
    • Most importantly pray, asking for God’s blessing.


  • While Preaching:
    • Quickly switch between apps using the four finger left/right swipe gesture. While this method is significantly faster than using the multitasking bar, it does require some practice to get use to. So, be sure to practice before stepping behind the podium.
    • If you experience a technical glitch during your message pause, remain calm, and try to find a solution. If you prepared properly and successfully tested your setup ahead of time the problem is probably something simple. Resist the temptation to tell your audience about the problem as you may receive unwanted and probably incorrect advice! Having a prearranged, technically savvy assistant in the audience who is familiar with your iPad’s setup is also a good idea as a last resort
  • After Preaching:
    • Re-enable sound, Wi-Fi, and cellular data as needed.
    • Notate any technical glitches that you experienced so you can research and resolve those issues before your next message.


iPad Preaching Tools


Over the course of this series I have recommended a number of different apps and tools. Each of the tools listed below have not been previously mentioned, nevertheless each is worthy of your consideration.

  • Podium Pro App – this $3.99 apps was specifically designed from the ground up for public speaking. The app offers an amazing list of features for the price including a public speaking word processor, Dropbox integration, Keynote integration, a presentation mode that prevents keyboards and menus from popping up, count up and count down style timers, and even the ability to record yourself while speaking. A slightly limited lite version is available for free. Check out the lite version here.
  • Podium Cue App – this $2.99 app helps you present your message with what could be described as virtual index cards. The interface is intuitive and simple. During your presentation you can easily swipe from one card to the next- this is great if you like to walk around while speaking. When you return to the podium you can pick up exactly where you left off without getting lost in a sea of text. Other built in feature such as color coding and a timer make the app well worth the price.
  • iPad stand – There are numerous iPad stands, both desktop and floor models, that are available. The prices of such devices vary widely, as does the quality– so be sure to do a little research before dropping some serious cash. Slope is one stand that look very promising but is not yet available. You can check it out on the Slope Kickstarter page.

Again, thanks for joining us for this series of posts. If you have your own tip(s) or tools that you would like to suggest, please leave a comment!



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