“The heavens declare the glory of God” Psalm 19:1a ESV


The Best Sermon IllustrationWhen we examine the earthly ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ we find that He often used illustrations to powerfully emphasize His teaching. For one example of this see Mark 10:13-16.

Our God is the Master Illustrator. If you are in any doubt as to this statement, just look to the sky!

Truly, the Heavens declare His glory.

In this series of posts we have been exploring how Apple’s popular iPad can be used as a helpful preaching tool. In previous posts we have looked at a number of ways the iPad can assist preachers as a replacement for traditional print Bibles and paper based notes. Additionally, the iPad can also be used as a tool to help illustrate sermon messages.

In fact this may be the iPad’s best kept secret– many still do not realize that the iPad can easily be used as a flexible multimedia tool! Slideshows (such as PowerPoint and Keynote), audio (such as mp3), and video can be easily exported from the device to your existing audio/visual equipment.

How? I’m glad you asked. First, you will need an adapter to export media from your iPad. Depending on exactly what you would like to accomplish and which generation iPad you have, you will need one of the following:

  • Apple 30-pin to VGA Adapter – this adapter allows you to easily export a VGA video signal and “mirror” on a larger screen what is displayed on the iPad’s screen. This $29 adapter is compatible with the first three generations of the iPad. One word of caution: it is best to fully charge your iPad before using the VGA Adapter as you can not plug the iPad into a power source while the adapter is connected.
  • Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter – this adapter exports an audio and video signal from your iPad in digital format. The adapter has a 30-pin jack in addition to the HDMI jack so you can simultaneously use this adapter and plug your iPad into a power source. This $39 product is for the 2nd and 3rd generation iPads.
  • Apple’s new Lighting Adapter – if you are using one of Apple’s most recent iPad models (either the 4th generation iPad or the iPad Mini) you must use Apple’s new ‘Lightning Adapter’ as the older 30-pin cable will not fit your device. Checkout Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter or Apple’s Lightning to VGA Adapter.
  • Auxiliary Audio Cable – this cable is for exporting audio only and works with all generations of the iPad. Simply plug one end into your iPad and the other end into your audio equipment or mixer board.
  • AirPlay and Apple TV – It is possible to setup your iPad to wirelessly stream digital content (audio & video) via Apple TV. I have not had the opportunity to personally test this out due to budget limitations :) However, this option could possibly provide the most flexible and dynamic setup. If you have used AirPlay, please let us know about your experience in a comment.

Now you know how to easily export audio and video from your iPad. Seriously, it’s as easy as plug and play. In fact you don’t even need any special apps— your iPad’s screen will be ‘mirrored’ by your other video equipment.

There are, of course, apps specifically written to improve upon this experience (such as Keynote)… we will take a look at some of the best apps next week.

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