If you are a person like me then you know the regular emotion of fear when you lose something such as keys, wallet or watch. I’m constantly searching my home to find where I last threw my keys. Often this is as I’m already late for an important meeting. If that is true of you then there is hope.

A new device has come onto the market to help locate the valuable things that are easy to lose (and even those that are tougher to lose such as your car). The device is called Tile. Tile is a genius idea that is sure to catch on like crazy.

How does it work?

tile-appTile is a small device that you can attach onto or place inside any objects you want to keep track of.  The design is simple and efficient with a convenient hole for attaching to keys and other objects.  This device is then registered with an iOS app. There is currently no support for Android phones due to the lack of Bluetooth 4.0 support on Android.  Once the app has registered the tile, it can be tracked up to 150 feet.

As you get closer to the tile, the app will show an indicator as to how close you are and you can even have the tile send off a sound alert to help you find it even better. So if your keys are hidden inside the sofa you will be able to find it easily. I can also see this being valuable on cordless phones that often have a tendency to grow legs and hide.  How about children’s Bibles that are left lying around?  The possibilities are endless.

Let others help you find your missing object

One of the neat features of Tile is that they have connected their devices in a way that allows you to have others help you find your object. How this works is that if you can’t find your tile because it is out of range, you can share the tile with every other tile user. If that other tile user passes by your missing object it will send you a location marker telling you where the object is. This is kept secure in that the tile user who found your device doesn’t even know it. And in turn you don’t know who found your tile either. So your object and security information are kept secure.

So if you are like me and you lose stuff then tile might just be the device you need to help you stay more in touch with your objects.

Christian Perspective

As I was writing this I thought of how often we can allow new believers and friends to go “missing” in our lives. In a way, we should all have a spiritual tile attached to us and to the central app which is the local church. The Lord has asked us to care for one another and in a sense look out for each other. Let’s be watching for those in our lives who need our care and be ready to act when we find them. :)