The movie Noah seems to be the hot topic for some on social media right now.   Although Hollywood is not a place I look for proper theology, the director of Noah summed it up when he said that he made the most unbiblical biblical movie ever.  There are so few things the movie gets right, such as a catastrophic world-wide flood, the ark, animals, and the wickedness on the earth.  Then there is Noah, the righteous man who follows God no matter what.  This is where the similarities stopped.  The movie portrayed Noah receiving his instructions from  God in a dream, and then a drug induced vision, which leaves him trying to figure out what God wants from him.  The biblical account has much more details such as the verse Genesis 7:1  The LORD said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation”.

Noah the movie has Noah believing that God wants all mankind to die including himself and his family and that the purpose of the ark was to save only the animals. Noah’s firm obedience to God meant his fierce determination to carry out the plan, which started even before getting on the ark when he let Ham’s would-be wife be trampled instead of saving her and bringing her on the ark.  It also included Noah trying to kill his newborn twin granddaughters within the hour of their birth on the ark.  He is not able to kill them and is convinced he has failed God in the end, leading to drunkenness and isolation from his family after the ark has landed.  Because of this element, Noah seems a bit crazy and leaves his family trying to escape him or protect each other from him.  There are also discussions in the movie of good people earning God’s favor based on their merit. Sadly this is the way many people see their standing with God and portrays a gospel of works.

There is a group called the Watchers in the movie.  They are fallen angels that God punished by making them take on the form of giant rock creatures.  This lends itself to some amazing, although sometimes violent, visual effects in the movie.  And of course the flood had some tremendous visual effects, my favorite being when the water shoots up from underground.  One of the more sobering moments in the movie were the screams of the people as they were overtaken by the flood.  This gave me pause as I considered a lost and dying world around me and realized again the responsibility and privilege of sharing Christ with them before they too perish.

My husband and I watched this partly out of curiosity, partly to answer the questions we knew would come, and partly to be entertained.  Whether you decide to see Noah the movie or not, I hope you will take the more important step of using it as a springboard to share the real account with the unsaved people you rub shoulders with daily, especially emphasizing that Christ is their ark and the only salvation for the judgement that awaits them.