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For the past couple of days, I have been visiting with my best friend from high school in our hometown.  Although we are the same age, we didn’t have kids at the same time, so my children are much older than hers are. I took all 5 of my kids with me (mine range from ages 7 to almost 17). Hers range from 2-8. Her oldest is a boy and my 7 year old is a girl.  They rarely see each other so I was hoping that we could all just hang out and have fun, but I wondered especially if my teen boys would be bored.  I allowed them to bring their electronics for the trip and wasn’t sure what I would allow when I got there.  I didn’t want them to seem rude if they were sitting around playing games when they could be visiting.

However, it ended up being the electronics, and specifically Minecraft that was the common denominator for keeping everyone occupied yet interacting. They really ended up having a great time as all 4 of the boys connected to the same world using various means (1 Google Nexus, 1 iPod, 1 LG phone, 1 Samsung S3 phone).  I loved hearing their banter as the 8 year old would tell the 15 year old, “Hey, I see you up there.  Just jump off the cliff and swim to me and we can get coal together. ”

I will be the first to admit that it completely baffles me as to why it’s so exciting.  Everything is in blocks. Even water is block-shaped.  Yet they enjoy it so much and I am just thrilled that they aren’t spending their time playing gory games.  It actually seems somewhat productive and fun.  I know not only kids play it, so if any of you adults out there want to chime in as to what you think of the game, I’d love to hear.  And if you are looking for a safe game for your own family, give Minecraft a try!