Bible Memory: Remember Me is a free mobile app designed specifically to help you memorize God’s Word.

The app offers several different memorization tools to help you practice your verses. Some of the tools are flashcards, fill in the blanks, and puzzles. Remember Me even allows you to record and play back verses in your own voice.

The app is very flexible– one or more Bible translations of your choice can be used to memorize any verse(s) you select. You can also create your own method of organizing verses into different collections of verses (called “decks”) and create your own topical categories.

Public decks of verses are available to download and install from the Remember Me website.

I use the app on my HTC DNA Android phone. At first I found the app to be difficult to use at first, however I was able to learn the basic features with persistent daily use. Some of the more advanced features took a while longer to master. If you find the app difficult let me encourage you not to give up! If you use the app daily for 10 minutes you will learn how to use it.


Happy memorizing….

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