Converting your regular voice mail messages into text messages is extremely useful. I personally haven’t called my voice mail box in years thanks to this handy innovation.

{Not true, thanks to transcribed messages!}

It is useful, simple and streamlines communication – and is good for the occasional laugh when it incorrectly transcribes the message with hilarious results.

There are many different options when looking to have your voice mail messages transcribed, I use Google because my husband does. He uses it because it is the most accessible; you don’t need a smart phone to do this. In fact, we used this for two years on cell phones of the non-smart variety.

How to Never Listen to Voice Mail Again

1. Get a google account – if you have a gmail e-mail address you’re golden. If you don’t, get one.

2. Go to – select “I want a new number” Follow the prompts that Google Voice sets up for you.

NOTE: A US phone number is needed in order to set up an account.

3. Once your new account has been set up and you have been given a new phone number go to the settings in Google Voice and click “PHONE”.
Google Voice   Voicemails  1

Check the two boxes as seen above and click the Activate text and follow the instructions there.

4. Go to Voicemail & Text and set up your voicemail message, opt for text forwarding (it will send your transcribed text, and an option to play the audio message, to your e-mail address.)

Google Voice   Voicemails  2


And that’s it! You are all set up to get all of your voicemail messages forwarded to you as text messages.

Note: There is a Google Voicemail app available for smart phones for those that use this and still want a way to easily listen to their messages. Calling your own Google number, or logging into your Google voice account are two other options for hearing your voice mail messages.