It kinda rolls off the tongue pretty naturally, “Happy New Year.”  It’s a nice sentiment and all of the team at Why We Web mean it. We pray that all of you will know the love and grace and compassion of the Lord Jesus in a powerful way in 2014.  The goal and vision of Why We Web continues to move forward to educate and support believers in their use of the internet and technology. We are excited about adding some new members to our blog team which will bring fresh perspectives to our content.

As we look back at 2013 we are thankful to the Lord for the growth we have seen.  Here are some basic stats from our year…

Website Stats

  • Unique visitors: 18,914
  • 61% of visitors were between the age of 18 and 34
  • 55% of visitors were male
  • 62% of visitors came from the USA while 12% were from Canada

Conference Seminars

WWW gave several live seminars at various events such as The Ontario Workers and Elders Conference, the Men’s Conference at Guelph, Upward Bound and the Christian Professional Network Conference in Baltimore. We also gave a number of messages at local churches on the use of the internet. Please contact us if your local church or event would like to have one of us come and speak. We have many topics we can cover.


We produced 3 gospel videos this year: 1 kinetic type and 2 testimonies. These were spread around well and we pray the Lord will use them to reach others for Christ. Look for more in the coming year. We also produced a series of videos for elders on various aspects of technology.  If you haven’t seen those yet click on Video Series in the menu to the right.


We look forward to what the Lord will do with Why We Web in 2014 and the people he will bring along to get involved.  We thank those who have supported the ministry with prayer and financial contributions. We could not do this without you.