Several weeks ago I recommended Google Keep for all of your note taking and thought capturing needs. Since posting my initial review of the Google’s helpful service I have continued to regularly use it and benefit from it.

Recently Google added some additional features that improves the app’s usefulness. We will take a look at those in a minute. But first, a little confession and an editorial comment: whenever an app that I regularly use is updated I tend to get a little worried!! In my humble opinion, simplicity is the single most important feature of any mobile app.

Google Keep Location Based RemindersWhen I’m using my mobile device I do not want to waste time figuring out an app’s numerous, complicated, and marginally useful features. If I’m relying on an app for a particular purpose, I want the app to reliably perform that service for me without wasting my time!. If I have to spend 35 minutes trying to relearn the app every time it is updated, then the app’s creators have failed to make a reliably useful spp.

Scott’s law: Mobile apps are always updated at the worst possible moment! [Sorry Murphy :)]

Ok, rant over. Back to Google Keep!

Kudos to Google, they got it right when they updated Google Keep. The app is still super easy to use— there is almost no learning curve with the new features. Nice!!

Of the several new features and improvements the single most useful is reminders.

Now with any note you create a reminder can be easily attached to the note– with the reminder being triggered by either time or location. Time based reminders are fairly obvious: “call George” and then set a reminder for the specific time you should call him.

However, the real power comes with location based reminders! There are somethings that you need to be reminded of that are not time critical, but they are location specific. So, for example: you left your jacket (or whatever) at church. Now, there is no rush to get your jacket back– but the next time you are at church you do not want to forget to go to the coat rack and get it! Time isn’t important, location is. Solution: create a note “get jacket” and set it to remind you are at church regarding of when that might be!!

With only a little imagination you can think of an almost unlimited number of ways to benefit from this new feature.

To set a reminder simply tap the bell icon or ‘Remind me’ at the bottom of a note then follow the steps. Easy peasy.

How do you use Google Keep? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section.


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