connecting with JesusYesterday was a very difficult day for my family and I.

No, not because it was Election Day here in the United States– rather something of much greater significance happened. My mother experienced a medical emergency (I’m being intentionally vague to protect her privacy) that necessitated an emergency trip to the hospital.

This morning, as I look back at yesterday’s experience, God’s fingerprints of love, care and concern for my mother are clearly evident. For over a week now my parents have been living with my family and I due to Hurricane Sandy. Even though the so-called superstorm was more than a week ago their home’s electricity has not yet been restored.

The mere fact that they were here with my family and I allowed for us to be with them and provide practical help in their moment of need. Yet, there are more fingerprints…


An Outpouring of Love and Prayer


When something like this happens there is little time to place telephone calls to everyone that you would like to call. Family members, other Christians, friends, neighbors, etc. It would literally take hours. However I was able to find a couple of moments to post on Facebook my mother’s condition and ask for prayer.

The response was AMAZING!

Immediately the replies started to flow in:


“Praying for your mom”

“will pray”

“We are with you Bro.”

“Be assured of many prayers going up on your Mother’s behalf.”

and on and on it went!


When Viral is Healthy


It was so encouraging to witness the outpouring of love and to know that many were praying for my mother. Yet, there is more… because my Facebook post ‘went viral’. No, that is not a bad attempt to make a medical pun… rather the post ‘went viral‘ meaning many who read the post then quickly relayed the message to others– both on and off of the internet.

Someone from my parent’s church noticed the post and in turn sent out a prayer request over their church’s prayer chain. It wasn’t long before my father’s cell phone rang– it was one of his elders calling to offer his love and support.

A distant cousin of mine noticed the fb post and called her mother (my first cousin) who called her mother (my aunt) who then called her brother-in-law (my father). My aunt also called other family members who in turned reached out to my father and I.



Encourage One Another – 1 Thessalonians 5:11


Late in the day yesterday, as most Americans were glued to their TVs watching the election returns come in, I was at my mother’s bedside with my father. Amid the constant interruptions of nurses, doctors, other hospital personnel, and even a robot (I’ll save this for another post) we were trying our best to encourage her.

Of all of the encouragement that we offered, the best was when I simply read to her the names of the 50+ persons who responded to the post! She was simply amazed that so many people cared and were actively praying for her.

Each name that I read to her lifted her spirits a little higher. Each name brought an increasingly larger smile to her face– and she would often interrupt with a memory or two.

It may sound trite– but the outpouring of prayer and Christian love was literally the BEST medicine that she received all day!

Thank you Lord! Your fingerprints of love, care, and concern are everywhere!


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