With the invention of the internet and the progress it has made, the business world has an easier way to reach billions of people. It is almost impossible to go to a web site nowadays without seeing an ad for any number of products, depending on which website you are visiting they may vary from “Russian Mail-Order Bride,” to “Hemorrhoid Cream,” to “Christian Dating Sites.” Most of the time pictures are also involved, where we get to see nearly naked women or some pictures of a grotesque disease. Ads have also started to play in videos on sites like YouTube and GlobalTV, where we have to suffer through any number of ads before we can watch our desired video. These ads can get very annoying and unwanted, not to mention the off chance that clicking on one of these ads will open up your pc to malware and virus damage.

Ads affect all browsers and while I cannot speak out for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome (the most frequented browser by the internet community) has implemented a way to stop these annoying and potentially harmful ads. The way they do this is a free web extension or application downloadable from their web store called AdBlock, (download AdBlock here). This service is also available for Safari or Opera users. Basically what this application does is target the ads on any given website you visit and erase them, not only does it do that for picture ads, but it stops video ads from playing. While I can’t claim to know how they actually target the ads, it most likely has to do with the website coding; I can claim they do a very thorough job. One of the neat little features of AdBlock is they have a running counter of how many ads have been blocked through your Chrome, for example my count is currently at 382403. This is one of my all-time favourite apps, having downloaded it on every computer I have ever bought. It comes highly recommended and is almost a necessity for any Chrome or Safari user.

To install AdBlock it is quite easy. Click on the link presented above which will bring you to Chrome’s web-store. Then click the green button that says Add to Chrome.

Once the app is added, restart your browser and visit your favourite websites ad free.

A little red stop sign button should appear beside your address bar, this is where you can see the counter and control AdBlock features. Enjoy you ad free browsing!