After I moved into my new office at FBH International, I decided it was time to get serious about backing up. I already had a 3TB external backup drive and I went over to Staples and picked up another 3TB backup drive. That takes care of my media drive (videos, pics, assets, music) and my data drive (clients, church stuff etc.).  Now to find some software to handle the backups on my Windows 8 PC.

My number 1 requirement was that it had to handle incremental backups. What that means is that it compares the data with a previous backup and only backs up the new or changed files and doesn’t backup the entire set of files again. I asked some people for their input and finally came across a great little utility called FileFreeSync. This is a small program that works perfectly to backup a folder on your computer with any other drive, both internal and external.


Simply choose the folders you want to backup, pick a destination and start the sync. You have several options of which drives take precedence over others. If you are looking for a simple utility to backup files this is the right tools for you.

I would encourage everyone to backup their data, especially those who have hundreds of documents on Bible study notes, sermons etc.  You never know when your computer will crash and it can be very expensive to get data recovered after a crash.