Juggling a to do list of several dozen tasks is not easy. It would seem that a digital solution would be easy find… however I was never able to identify a solution that fit my fluid work and life styles. Until now.

Any.do is a relatively new task app that offers the right mix of features. The minimalist interface is unobtrusive, allowing me to quickly add new tasks or strike off completed ones. Tasks are automatically sorted by time with “today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday” categories. The folders feature lets you create a custom system of sorting tasks to fit your own needs.

The app also handles daily, weekly, and monthly repetitive tasks with ease. Need a reminder every night at 9:30 to take medication? No problem. Or a reminder every Wednesday to write a new blog post? Again, no problem.

If you are looking for a new task app you should check out any.do.

Links: Android, iOS, Chrome, web