“This is not an evolution of the car, it’s a revolution.”-Larry Burns (Professor of Engineering, University of Michigan)

Google has changed the way we surf the web and use our mobile devices, and if that wasn’t already enough, they are about to change the way we drive our cars. In fact, if things go Google’s way, we won’t have to drive our cars at all. They will drive themselves. The program is already in test mode and uses lasers, camera, radar, and GPS to navigate. Google says the program will benefit the disabled and elderly who are not able to manually drive a vehicle. Google also claims that the technology has the potential to make driving safer. Over 90% of accidents are caused by human error, and Google’s technology can see and sense things not visible to the human eye.


However, there are still several challenges facing Google. The technology is very costly, and would not be very affordable to the average consumer. The technology can maneuver through rain and fog, but snow is a whole other beast. The biggest question facing the program is who is responsible if there is an accident? Google is confident that they can overcome these challenges, find answers to the questions, and make the program a success


Check out the link below to see how the car works and what it is capable of and let us know what your thoughts are. Would you get behind the wheel? How long do you think it will be until we are all riding in self-driven cars? As impressive as this technology is, I’m still waiting for the day our cars can fly.




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