Last week we took a brief look at the big three digital note taking apps and why you might want to use such an app.

This week we are going to explore my favorite choice: Google Keep.

Of all the note taking apps out there Google Keep makes the most sense for me as I tend to operate in Google’s universe. I also like Keep’s extremely powerful, yet simple to use features.

Some of Google Keep’s useful features include:

  • Quick and easy note taking – quickly take text, photo, or voice notes through a mobile android device or a web browser
  • Easy creation and updating of checklists – simply tap the checkmark icon to begin a new checklist. It’s the fastest way to create on the fly to do lists ever. Really.
  • Super simple organization – organize notes with color. While working with a note, tap the color palette icon then select the color of your choice. The order in which notes appear can be easily changed. Tap a note and drag it to a new location.
  • Lightning fast syncing – regardless of where you create and update notes, Keep automatically synchronizes your information across all of the devices you use.
  • Simple archiving – often when you are finished dealing with a note you want to remove it from your immediate sight but not delete it. Keep’s archive feature is perfect for this situation.


Google Keep ScreenshotKeep is highly flexible– it can be applied in many different ways. Here are a few ideas that I have found useful:

  • Prayer requests – new prayer concerns arise throughout the day. I make a quick note for each one and color code it with yellow to easily identify later when I’m praying. When the prayer is answered I simply archive it.
  • Sermon notes & quotes – often when I’m listening to a preacher expounding upon God’s Word, I will create a new note to capture encouraging quotes and any thoughts that I would like to reference later. I color code these items in blue.
  • To do items – I will create a new note for any to do items that come to mind— “write Why We Web article,” “Call George,” etc.— and code it in red. Later I will either delete or archive completed items.
  • Multi-step to do lists – some to do items require multiple steps. For this I will create a checklist and color code the list red.
  • Take photo notes of handouts and flyers – if I see a flyer on our church’s bulletin board that interests me, I take a photo note of it for later reference.

As you can see, Keep is extremely helpful in numerous situations. The only limitation is your imagination.

Do you use Keep or a similar notation app? If so, please share with us some of your tips and tricks.



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