“Excuse me, could I borrow a piece of paper and a pen?”


This is a question we have all asked, and have been asked. The need to jot down the occasional note—a telephone number, a Bible reference, or a quote from a sermon—can arise anywhere, any time.

Even in our modern, interconnected digital world it seems that even the most technically savvy occasionally have the need to write down a quick note on a scrap of paper. Unfortunately such notes are often difficult to store, organize, and then locate when needed most.

Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a digital solution to this problem? A way of capturing any kind of note— be it a written note, a voice recording, a picture, or even a quick drawing—no matter where you were. Even better, what if that note then filed itself away in a safe place then at a later time—5 minutes or even 5 years later— the note could be quickly retrieved no matter where you are?!

Thankfully there is a digital solution!

The ability to electronically capture, manage, and retrieve notes exists, works on your existing devices, and is extremely easy to use. In fact there are dozens of different applications to choose from, however the big three are OneNote, Evernote, and Keep.

Which Note Taking App Is Best For You?


All of the big three offer the above described functionality. All work seamlessly, through the ‘magic’ of the internet, all of the digital devices you already use: smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

It is difficult to make a recommendation based on features. While each offers different features, all offer the same core features needed for productive note taking.

So, which one is right for me? The answer depends on which digital universe you are living in.

    • Microsoft’s OneNote is the best choice for those who are living in Microsoft’s universe—most specifically if you regularly use Microsoft Office or a Windows phone—OneNote will integrate nicely with the rest of Microsoft’s offerings.


    • Google Keep is the perfect fit for those who sport an Android phone and enjoy using Google products—such as Gmail, Drive, and Google Calendar, than Google Keep is the natural choice.


    • Evernote is probably the most popular choice and has the most ardent users. If you predominately use Apple products or if you sport an eclectic collection of digital devices from various manufactures, Evernote will probably serve your needs well.


Lord willing, next week I will take a look at some creative uses for note taking software. Until then choose one of the above recommended note taking apps and begin experimenting.