Steam is an online based gaming engine where you can purchase and play video games as well as applications purely online, with no physical copy. The main platforms Steam offers are for PC, Mac and Linux. It boasts over 2000 games and applications available for download, some free, most at a cost. It supports all types of games from action, and indie, to racing, and RPG style games. One of the big advantages of Steam is the price point at which you can buy certain games and applications. They regularly offer great sales where you can see a desired game title for up to 90% off retail.

Social media is a huge asset to Steam, they offer in game voice and text chatting, as well as the ability to make groups within the Steam community. They also offer instant messaging and a public profile to post information about oneself and add friends. With the price of the new generation gaming consoles Steam offers a more economical way to play the video games you want, at a fraction of the price.

WWW Opinion:

Like with any form of entertainment Steam can be a good thing or a very bad thing. The first and foremost risk is the amount of time one can spend playing video games, many people’s lives have been ruined by pointless staring at screens day in and out. Another risk is the content of some of the games as well as the social aspect, although Steam has recently introduced parental controls, where you can limit what your child can play, download, and use on Steam.

Used appropriately Steam can be a fun way to entertain yourself and/or family. While unconventional it can also be used to spread the word of God, although I am not advocating starting a Steam ministry, rather including Christ even in your entertainment. To conclude, Steam is a great alternative to console gaming, if used within moderation and appropriately.

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