The Bible Study app by ECS Ministries (formally Emmaus Correspondence School) is a free Christian educational app for Android and Apple mobile devices.

Courses are completed through the app. Courses consist of a series of chapters; each chapter is followed by a quiz on the material presented. Most chapters are short and take only 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

The app is simple and intuitive. One navigates through the app with an ever present menu ribbon located at the bottom of the screen; there is also a ribbon at the top of the screen indicating what the app is presently displaying. When appropriate, a button will appear in the top corner of the screen to take an exam, grade an exam, or even ask a question (that will be personally answered by a human educator).

ECS offers a total of 90 correspondence courses– of these 35 are available electronically through the app. Though I have no “insider knowledge,” I would expect additional courses to become digitally available in the not too distant future. All courses are available in print and may be ordered through the app’s course catalog.

The Bible Study iPad App Exam Page ScreenshotThe Bible Study app retains a record of each course completed. By completing certain requirements users my earn framable certificates that document their completion of a set of courses. Course sets include Foundation Studies, Bible Survey, and Christian Life Studies.

Course sets are also available for grades 3 through 12. These sets may be of particular interest to homeschooling families, Sunday School educators, youth group leaders, etc.

The free app comes preloaded with the “A Journey Through the Bible” course. Additional digital courses cost $2.99 or $3.99; printed courses range in price from $2.95 to 18.95 with the vast majority of printed courses costing less than $10.

The app functions well on my Android phone (pictured at top), however I prefer to use the app on my iPad (pictured above right) because of the larger screen size. Because the app syncs in the cloud I can use The Bible Study app on my phone, and then pick up where I left off on my tablet (or vice versa) now that’s cool!

ECS Ministries describes itself on their website: “Emmaus Correspondence School (ECS), started in 1942 and is now a division of ECS Ministries; it is dedicated to helping you study and understand the Bible. We have developed over 90 Bible courses designed to help you see what God’s Word has to say to you. Each course is written by gifted, experienced teachers of God’s Word. Exams are designed to help you reinforce your understanding of important Biblical Principles.”


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