The Why We Web team is excited to announce a new ministry website called assemblyHUB. This morning we the assemblyHUB website made it’s official debut– and we are very excited by the overwhelmingly positive reception the new ministry effort received.

The motivation behind this new ministry is best expressed in one of assemblyHUB’s inaugural posts: “The purpose of [assemblyHUB] is to build up and challenge assemblies to consider the principles of the NT and how they can be applied to assembly and personal life. The focus will be on positive teaching and exhortation. Under no circumstance will we post negative stories, situations or events that will discourage believers. No content will be used to attack the views of others. While there might be opposing views presented, the articles will be written in a way that promotes unity and consideration of others.”

The best way for you to discover what assemblyHUB is all about is to go and check it out for yourself!

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