Dealing with automated phone trees can be annoyning.

You know the routine… dial the main number, wait for the system to answer, then dial an extension.

Thankfully the Android phone dialer provides you with a couple of tools to help you pre-program phone numbers into your contacts list that will automatically navigate annoying phone trees.

Andoid Dialer Quick TipThe two commands are:

  • P for pause
  • W for wait

In the picture to the right I am entering a New Contact into my contacts list. Notice that Android conveniently provides a special keypad to enter phone numbers. This keypad includes a P and a W.

If you include a P in the phone number your Android smartphone will pause for about 2 seconds at each P and then continue to dial the rest of the number. This is sometimes called a soft pause.

If you include a W your phone will stop dialing at each W and wait for you to tap an onscreen prompt before continueing to dial the rest of the number. This is sometimes called a hard stop.

With these two simple tools you can teach your phone to automatically navigate any phone tree to actually reach the real live human being that you want to converse with.