Why We Web was started with a simple idea by Crawford Paul in 2009.  The goal was to host a conference event that would educate and encourage the use of the internet among Christians.  That idea sat on the back burner for a few years. He had mentioned it to a couple of people at his local church but it never went beyond there.  In October of 2011, Scott Thomson from York PA came to preach at the same church Crawford attends. Scott shared his vision he had for his new blog (digitalsojourner.com) with Crawford.  After Scott went back home Crawford felt the Lord prompting him to discuss the internet conference idea with Scott which he did the following week.  Scott was very receptive to the idea and began to discuss ideas and possibilities.  Crawford also mentioned the subject again to the few at his church who showed an interest and Sherri Jason asked if she could be involved. Sherri has a passion for the internet, maintains her own blog and is also concerned about families embracing technology in the right way.

At this point in November of 2011, the plans started taking shape for the conference and Rob Sullivan from New York and Mike Stoudt from Pennsylvania were brought in to consult and both expressed an interest to be involved. Why We Web LLC was formed in December 2011 with these five Christians.  Over the months leading up to the first conference in York PA on June 2, 2012 it became obvious to the team that Why We Web was going to be more than just a conference and that there was a need to offer valuable education on the use of the internet.

The first conference in York was a great success with about 80 people attending for the 1 day event. Out of this came excitement over using the internet more and plans were made to provide related content.  Mike was taking on other responsibilities and at the same time it was felt by the team that Jesse Gentile, who was one of the speakers at the conference, would be a great asset to the work. The Lord arranged it perfectly for Jesse to take the place of Mike as one of the Why We Web owners.  Jesse has a tremendous knowledge and depth in technology as well as being a good presenter.

Today we operate under a larger ministry called assemblyHUB.  We hope you will join us in promoting Why We Web to others.

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