We have all had this experience. Someone you love, a child, spouse or friend, is sick and you have no idea what wrong. You have a few options: call a friend, visit the doctor (if available), go to the ER/walk-in clinic or wait it out and see if it gets better. What if there was another option? Within the next several years there will be. There’s a whole ton of research and development happening in science and technology that is using a combination of the internet, diagnostic software and mobile devices. The concept is very simple: put tools into the hands of individuals enabling them to track their own health and find answers quickly so they can make educated decisions.

A company I came across this week that is doing just that is Scanadu ( The video on their homepage is really interesting and only takes 2 minutes to watch. They are developing a small scanner that you hold in your hand. You scan parts of your body to gain vital stats on what’s going on inside of you. The data is sent to a smartphone that searches the internet to find answers to the problems. This type of technology is opening up doors for better prevention.

They are also working on a small sensor that is attached behind your ear and monitors activity in real time. What this means is that some types of conditions and diseases can be prevented or lessened by showing abnormalities in your health over a period of time. The possibilities are endless.

As I was reading up on this exciting research it occurred to me that Christians could use this technology in many ways but especially in missions. Think of a missionary going into a remote village where people are dying and being able to diagnose conditions and find answers. This is an area we can keep our eyes on in the coming years and find ways to use it for His glory.