Facebook IconOn the surface Facebook is easy to use. Most new users to Facebook can learn the basics fairly quickly. However, Facebook offers dozens of less obvious ways to fine-tune your own experience and to vastly improve the look of your timeline.

Here are 5 quick tips you can implement today to level up your Facebook skillz…


1. Adjust Positioning of Timeline Pictures


You have the perfect picture to share on your Facebook timeline. After uploading it you take a look at your timeline and it displays in such a way that your face is cut in half or the best part of the picture isn’t even displayed!

Thankfully Facebook allows you to fine tune how the picture is displayed on your timeline. When you hover over the post notice, in the upper right hand corner, a star and a pen appear. Click the pen and a popup menu will appear. Choose “Reposition Photo…” You can now use your mouse to micro-adjust which portion of the picture will appear on your timeline.


2. Take Control of Your News Feed – Part 1


Facebook Timeline control FeaturesOver time Facebook’s News Feed can become less and less relevant as it fills up with content you are not interested in. We all have a handful of friends who constantly post their political views, as if somehow the daily barrage of posts will actually change anyone’s political convictions.

You can block, or as Facebook calls it ‘unsubscribe’, the offending person from posting to your News Feed without unfriending them. You can also block apps and pages from appearing in your Timelime.

Simply hover your mouse pointer over the offending post. A little down arrow will appear in the upper right hand corner of the post if you click it you will be presented with several different options for controlling what appears in your timeline. The options will be different depending on the type and source of content you are viewing.


3. Take Control of Your News Feed – Part 2


Take control of you Facebook news feedDid you block something from your News Feed that you would like to unblock? Or, maybe you feel guilty about blocking a family member? Don’t worry you can easily unblock content that you previously blocked.

While viewing your news feed hover your mouse pointer over the “News Feed” text near the top of the screen’s right hand column. A pen will appear to the left, click it and you will be able to unblock previously blocked content.


4. Take Control of the Right Sidebar


The right side bar displays Facebook’s ticker (top) and chat (bottom) functions. Some people like right side bar some despise it. Thankfully Facebook provides you with several options to control it.

  • Hide it by clicking the right pointing arrow in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Resize the ticker and chat portions by dragging up and down the horizontal diving bar between the two sections.
  • Control what appears in the ticker through the controls offered in the News Feed (See tips 2 & 3 above).
  • Turn off chat by clicking the rotor icon in the lower left corner and then clicking ‘turn off chat’.
  • Control who can see if you’re online and who can chat with you by clicking the rotor icon and then ‘advanced settings’.


5. How To Post Interesting Content That Your Friends Will Appreciate


The best way to have something of interest to post on Facebook, ironically, is to TAKE A BREAK from Facebook! Turn off your computer, go outside of the house and live life! By having interests and activities outside of Facebook you will find innumerable things of interest that you can post about.

When you do get outside take a cell phone or smartphone along with you so you can quickly upload pictures and update your status!