The above video is the touching story of how God’s love reached a suicidal man through the Internet. The video was produced by Global Media Outreach, an online ministry that is using the web to share the gospel message with thousands of people around the globe– everyday. To God be the glory!

As I watched the video, not only was my heart stirred by the man’s testimony, but I was also reminded of several important factors of building and operating an effective website:

  • Search Engine Optimization: When Karl typed “GUD” (the Swedish word for God) into Google he was directed to Global Media Outreach’s Jesus2020 website. While we should not discount God’s leading of Karl to the right website during his time of crisis… it would also be a mistake to not employ proven techniques to improve a website’s search engine rankings. These techniques are commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If SEO is done right, your website will rank at or near the top of the first page of results by Google and other search engines.
  • Focused & User Friendly: While not explicitly stated in the video, a quick visit to the website Karl was directed to, Jesus2020, will show that the site is simple, focused, and user friendly. When someone visits your website you only have one or two SECONDS to capture their attention. When a site is confusing or cluttered with superfluous graphics and text new visitors to the site will quickly leave and never come back.
  • Real People: The importance of real people can not be understated. Internet users know when they are receiving an automated response from an inquiry they make. While pre-programmed responses are appropriate in many situations– in other situations, however, a personal response from a real human being can make all the difference. For Karl it was the difference between life and death.
  • Quick Response: The potential drawback to using real people to responded to inquiries is the length of time it may take to individually respond to every inquiry. If a response is not timely, you will lose the new contact. Therefore it is very important that you have a plan in place for responding quickly to every inquiry.

The video also serves as an important reminder: people with real problems turn to the Internet for real answers. The question is: will people find your website and stay long enough to receive the answers they are looking for?


Scott ThomsonAbout the author: Scott Thomson made a profession of faith early in life. However it was during his late teenage years when he obeyed the call of the Lord Jesus to repent. Luke 5:32. In his service to the Lord Scott regularly preaches in the Middle Atlantic region of the United States. Scott also maintains his own blog Digital Sojourner where he regularly blogs about technology and Christianity.