According to some researchers 87% of teenagers in the US are active on Facebook [1]. That’s a significant number of young people and probably reflects the percentage of young people in your church who are active on Facebook.  With that in mind here are 3 ways you can help connect with the teenagers in your church and help them to grow.

  1. Be active in liking and commenting their posts.  Even if it’s something you might consider “not your style” show them that you are interested in them by liking their posts and even commenting on what they are posting.  Be encouraging and not condemning or judgemental.
  2. Post something on their wall.  It’s not too hard to figure out what a teenager enjoys. The style of music, clothes, food, places they like to go and pretty much everything about their lives is out there for you to see. Take a note (listen) and post something fun for them to connect with. The fact that you even cared to think of them will mean a lot to them.
  3. Help them in their struggle through life. Let’s face it, it’s not easy understanding the world we live in. Many teens are open about their doubts, fears and struggles. Connect with them either in person or on their wall and reach out to them in love, grace and kindness. You can be an integral part in their understanding of faith and the Christian life.

The bottom line is to be engaged with teenagers and give them a positive experience they can connect with that will help them grow in their faith. Be interested in them and teach them with grace the ways of the Lord.